I met my first cavalier in 1990 at an activity day in Bairnsdale. There, I noticed a lovely Tricolour of Maryanne Silvester’s jumping and negotiating other objects. Needless to say I instantly fell in love with the breed and went home with Zara, a beautiful Blenheim girl.

Since that day, this lovely breed has played a very large part in my life. Not only did Cavalier King Charles’ become my hobby, they became my passion. In 1991, I began breeding these lovely little dogs and since then have been constantly striving to improve, enhance and better my breeding lines with each litter we have here at Suebeau.

All pups that leave Suebeau are thoroughly health checked wormed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. All dogs used to breed at Suebeau hold Heart Certificates, which are updated yearly. They are also tested by eye specialists and hold ACES certificates to verify the health of their vision. All dogs are free of patella and the problems associated with it. Each pup is registered with the Australian National Kennel Council through Dogs Victoria.

I am available anytime of the day should you require further information or advice regarding these wonderful dogs.